#20 Music in the Church

Eric and Gray dust off their own experience as musicians and worship leaders to discuss both a theology of music in the church and practical advice on how to engage with it in a way that honors God. Then they give not one but six (!) recommendations of artists you might not know currently producing beautiful, biblically robust music for worship.

Artist Recommendations:
Indelible Grace
Matt Boswell
Bifrost Arts
Keith & Kristin Getty
Sandra McCracken

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#19 Dealing with Doubt

All believers deal with different types of doubt at different points in their lives. This can be a source of shame for some and enormously unsettling to others. Join Gray and Eric as they discuss the place of doubt in the Christian life and how we should approach it.

What's Good:
Eric - The Expanse

Listen below:

#18 The One Where We Talk About Politics

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Christians live in a sense of tension about how to think about and discuss politics. On the one hand, we recognize our faith has implications for the world. On the other, the partisan spirit that grips some parts of the church is deeply problematic. Is there a better way? Join Gray and Eric as they wrestle with this hard topic.

What's Good:
Gray - Lifeproof Phone Case (Unlike Gray's recommendation, the link is for a proper phone -Eric)

#17 Demystifying Preaching

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A group of people gathering together each week to hear a sermon is, when you think about it, kind of a strange thing. Join Eric and Gray as they discuss what preaching is, offer some categories to help you understand what's happening, and provide suggestions on how to engage with it fruitfully.

What's Good:
Eric - Leonard Cohen

#16 Grief, Faith & Terminal Cancer

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This week our discussion turns a bit more personal. Gray and Eric discuss grief and how to help those who are grieving through the lens of Eric and his wife's own journey with her terminal illness.

What's Good:
Gray - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

#14 Where We Tell You God's Will For Your Life

Listen to the new episode below:

What is God's will for my life? What decisions am I supposed to make? How do I discern what I am supposed to do? Join Gray and Eric as they discuss these questions and help us think carefully about how to live faithfully in step with God.

What's Good:
Eric - Building models with your kids
Gray - Magna Planner

#13 Celebrity, Christianity & Kanye West

We might be breaking one of our rules this week, but Eric and Gray are discussing the controversy surrounding the apparent conversion and new album by Kanye West. In case you are worried we're selling out too much, however, don't be - our main interest is in the broader phenomenon of celebrity both in culture and in the church.

What's Good:
Gray - Doug Linker
Eric - Jason Aaron's Thor and the Immortal Hulk