#10 What's With All These Denominations?

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Anyone exploring the Christian world is left with the sense that there is a dizzying array of different denominations and traditions that claim the name of Jesus. What do we make of all these different groups? Are they a bad thing? A good thing? A something-else thing? Join Gray and Eric as they discuss what to make of denominations

What's good:
Eric - Renaissance Faires
Gray - The Knowledge Project

#9 Leaving and Looking For A Church

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Lots of people have questions about leaving a local church - can we do it? When can we do it? How should we do it? Even more people have questions about finding a new church, whether after such a hard situation or as the result of a move. Listen as Eric and Gray discuss (and perhaps disagree) on the answers.

What's Good:
Gray - Trader Joe's Organic Dark Chocolate PB&J Minis
Eric - Invincible comic book

Episode 8: Why We're Lonely & What to Do About It

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Loneliness is an epidemic in the modern world. It affects our neighbors, and it affects many of us. Join Gray and Eric as they discuss how this has become such a problem and how we as Christians individually and together as the church are called to confront it.

What's Good:
Gray - Red Rising
Eric - The Complete Calvin & Hobbes

Episode 7: Jake Meador on the Common Good

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We all have a sense that both our culture and the church are in a significant place of unhealth. Jake Meador joins us to talk about his new book, what some of the problems are and what we can do about it.

Jake's Book:
In Search of the Common Good: Christian Fidelity in a Fractured World

What's Good:
Men at Work
(Also, Junk Art)

Episode 6: How to Read the Bible

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While most Christians acknowledge that they should be engaged personally with the Word of God, there are lots of practical questions about how to do it. Join Gray and Eric as they discuss how to read the Bible for yourself, both in terms of understanding it and concretely how to do it.

Recommended Resources:
Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
ESV Study Bible by Crossway
How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Fee, Stuart

What's Good:
Eric - The Search by NF
Gray - Smoking Meat

Episode 5: How Pastoral Authority Goes Wrong

Pastors and other leaders of the church are given a certain authority by Scripture. However, it is easy for that authority to turn bad, leading to overstepping it and even abusing it. Join Eric and Gray as they discuss the limits and purpose of biblical authority and what to do when a pastor or leader starts wielding it wrongly.
What's Good:
Gray - Every Moment Holy
Eric - Steamed Puddings (You'll just have to listen to see)

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