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#19 Dealing with Doubt

All believers deal with different types of doubt at different points in their lives. This can be a source of shame for some and enormously unsettling to others. Join Gray and Eric as they discuss the place of doubt in the Christian life and how we should approach it.

What's Good:
Eric - The Expanse

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#18 The One Where We Talk About Politics

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Christians live in a sense of tension about how to think about and discuss politics. On the one hand, we recognize our faith has implications for the world. On the other, the partisan spirit that grips some parts of the church is deeply problematic. Is there a better way? Join Gray and Eric as they wrestle with this hard topic.

What's Good:
Gray - Lifeproof Phone Case (Unlike Gray's recommendation, the link is for a proper phone -Eric)

#17 Demystifying Preaching

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A group of people gathering together each week to hear a sermon is, when you think about it, kind of a strange thing. Join Eric and Gray as they discuss what preaching is, offer some categories to help you understand what's happening, and provide suggestions on how to engage with it fruitfully.

What's Good:
Eric - Leonard Cohen